A website is dedicated to properties in Samastippur because real estate is local; apart from that, Samastippur is one of the fastest-growing cities at its dawn. It is the beginning, and Samastippur real estate values are determined by local social, political, and economic activities. The “veterans” of real estate will always tell you that it is a sin not to pay attention to local influences and activity to evaluate and purchase real estate the LOCAL WAY. Samastippur too has its way in REAL ESTATE. And we aggregate the “best property in Samastippur” in the local way. By best property in Samastippur, we mean the best price, best Quality, best location, and best legal papers and possession.

What are the charges for to-let services in Samastipur?


To let services are provided by real estate agents in Samastipur. To let services be divided into two segments in Samastipur:-

1) RESIDENTIAL:- It involves renting flats and houses in Samastipur for residential purposes. The brokers in Samastipur charge from landlord up to 20% of the monthly rental as their brokerage. The tenant, too, is charged 20% of the monthly rental by the broker in Samastipur. The broker in lieu of brokerage, carries out all paperwork related to renting the property, like a rental agreement. The cost of paperwork is bore by the landlord.

2) COMMERCIAL: It involves offices, shops, showrooms, warehouses, hostels, hospitals, hotels, Banquet halls, clinics, schools, colleges coaching centers, service stations, etc. The brokers in Samastipur charge a one-month rental from both parties involved in commercial rent or lease. The agent carries out all paperwork regarding the deal. Both parties equally bear the cost of the paperwork work, especially in the case of a registered commercial rental agreement.




IN Samastipur


Real Estate in Samastipur in all its class, residential or commercial is one of the most valuable assets that anyone in Samastipur possesses. A flat in Samastipur, a residential plot in Samastipur, a commercial space in Samastipur, a warehouse in Samastipur and many more variants of properties in Samastipur are lifetime value for most of us in Samastipur. Property in Samastipur is a precious asset, not only monetarily but emotionally as well.


“To-Let” means “the owner,” for the time being, is allowing “A TENANT” to use the asset for a particular fee AND terms and conditions. To own the property if you seek a loan, you have to provide so many documents to prove that you are creditworthy, and you will use the loan to purchase a property only and pay back the loan (asset of the bank) in time and regularly as per the terms and conditions agreed. The same holds for “To-Let services in Samastipur”. As a loan is an asset for the bank, the property is an asset for the owner, and a to-let is similar to loan provided. Therefore, before renting, the owners need to run a similar check as Banks do to provide loans. YES, Banks perform what is called KYC (KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS) property owners in Samastipur need to execute KYT (KNOW YOUR TENANTS).


Letting a property in Samastipur is always a matter of deep concern. The social and emotional implications are great. The neighbors complaining, the home being defiled, late rent, and so on are many issues that can cause undue social and economic liabilities if one rents out to a bad tenant in Samastipur. These headaches could be avoided to a large extent by KYT.





First step of KYT is, demand for an identity card as you decide to “To-Let in Samastipur” to someone.


Students: Ask for a current college ID card.

Working bachelor: Ask for the company ID card and other details like the work span in that company etc.

Family: Get company ID cards for both spouses if it’s a working couple that you are letting out. Additionally, ask for the Adhaar card to establish permanent residence and other details.

Company or Business: Complete details of the company and the current account statement for the last three months. Ask for the details of the directors or promoters of the business.




Make sure you always have at least TWO references to the tenants by a fair-minded and sound person as near to the location of the property as possible. It just makes the whole procedure safe and trustworthy and increases the creditworthiness of the tenant. One can even ask for the reference of the last LANDLORD if they were staying in rent beforehand.




Always make sure your terms and conditions are clear to the tenant. E.g. only vegetarians are allowed, or if it’s a few male tenants sharing then no females are allowed, etc. Always take into consideration what the society in which the flat is situated expects and term it accordingly. Fix the rent collection date and be firm on it and also on the method of payment (cash, check, etc). All the details need to be specific to the point and very clear.



Always check the tenant’s background, as it is a highly necessary precaution. Check their habits and nature.

Student: if possible, have a word with the college authorities and check out their records. Also know more about their family background, e.g. where the parents stay, what’s their occupation, if they know anyone else in the city, etc.

Working bachelors: check the company`s credit and employment verification; also know their habits; and check into their family background to get a better idea of the individual.

Similar checks to be run for families and businesses too before you “to-let in Samastipur”.




Tenant verification is mandatory. You have to verify the information given by the potential tenant with your areas police station in Samastipur, so they can run a background check on criminal history of the tenant, if any. Only then you can rent out your home. Tenant verification forms are available at your area`s police station. Not submitting the form is a punishable offense.



Always check out the credentials of the potential tenant. Make sure the credentials are credit worthy.